Fashion over 50: Boots, Jeggings and Sweaters

Fashion over 50: Boots, Jeggings and Sweaters


We finally got a little more cold weather this week and it was a good time to get out the boots again. I’ve hardly worn my tall boots this winter because the weather has mostly been warmer than normal. But this week, the cold snap made me want to keep my feet warm and there’s no better way to have warm feet than cozy socks and boots.

We had a great weekend and if you saw my Instagram stories last weekend you know that I got to cross a fun bucket list item off and Mark and I went to see the Eagles Lives in concert here in Atlanta. It was a moment! I’ve loved the Eagles for so long and have sang along to their music. Still know the words to so many of their songs. The whole arena was singing along and it was great. So many Boomers in one spot enjoying the soundtrack of our youth and a time I will never forget. With over 3 hours of music, it was a fantastic show! Have you seen them?

The back story to these tickets was a definite God wink for me. I had plotted and schemed on getting tickets to the show. The problem is, I’m a frugal girl at heart and with a big bathroom renovation in full swing and knowing that when the tickets went on sale, I just couldn’t justify paying those big prices for tickets in the nosebleed section. So I did nothing, secretly hoping something would happen and I could go. Maybe I would win tickets somehow! Yeah right! I honestly thought Mark might have bought me tickets for Christmas since he knew how badly I wanted to go, but I got a swing bed which was even better. Concerts are great, but if it comes to doing home improvements or going to a concert, I’m going to choose home every time. I’ve been to my share of concerts over the years and the prices just keep going up, so our days of going to concerts much anymore are numbered. So imagine my surprise when a follower of mine on Instagram messaged me around 4 pm on Friday night and said, hi Rhoda, I’ve got 2 extra tickets to the Eagles concert, they are yours if you want them. A friend of hers had to cancel who had bought the tickets and told her to do what she wanted to make sure someone used them. A dream come true moment for me! We went and had a fantastic time. Well, I did at least. Mark has seen them since the beginning of the Eagles at least 4 times and wasn’t as excited as I was to see them (he’s a purist Eagles fan meaning original members are his fave), but it was my first time seeing them and I loved every minute of it! If you get the chance to go see the Eagles, just go! It’s the best concert I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t wear this outfit to the concert, but I did wear this new camel coat and the boots. It was definitely boot weather over the weekend. You’ve seen a similar camel coat that I got from Old Navy last year, but I was so disappointed with the pilling on that coat (I tried to shave them off but it was way too much) that I searched for one that was at least part wool to replace that one. I found this one at Gap and it’s on sale too, although I think the sizes are limited now. I’m linking  it below.

I love camel coats, they are classic and this knee length is a great coat for so many occasions. I got a Small. You’ve seen these boots many times, Ralph Lauren and they are at least 5 years old. The purse is from TJ Maxx.

I’m also repeating this sweater and jeggings from Chico’s, a very comfy outfit that I’ve enjoyed wearing.

My eyes are half shut here, but you can see how cute this sweater is with the fold over collar and buttons.

I’m also wearing some of my Grace & Heart Jewelry. I’ve gotten a few new pieces and I’ll share more of those as I wear them, but I wanted to mention again how much I’m loving this jewelry. It’s so well made and will be a line of jewelry I’ll keep forever and pass on to Lauren. I loved layering these turquoise pieces with the gold/brass bracelet. And the rings are sure fun to wear, even though I don’t have the prettiest hands.

Here’s a closeup of some of the bracelets from Grace & Heart I have. The round silver beaded one is new and it’s so pretty. The closure tightens up to fit any size wrist. I really love that chunky charm holder bracelet. I’ve added an R on there and all of those charms except the 2 square ones are Grace & Heart. One of those little balls on the end twist off so you can keep adding charms and it’s an easy slip on bracelet. Great gift ideas for Valentines or any other occasion.

If you’re interested in shopping with me click Grace & Heart> and go directly to my page. Click on browse catalog and if you have any questions, let me know. It might seem like pricey jewelry when you first look at it, but the quality is outstanding which you see in person. I love all these pieces and so enjoy wearing them. See the above flyer for the February special. If you purchase $99, you get those earrings for FREE and you can get the matching necklace for $19.99. Great deal!

Here are the things I’m wearing today, the sweater, jeggings and camel coat (affiliate links used):


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